Best In Class Scanning Technology

Significant productivity gains, greater scan accuracy, wireless connectivity, image based omni-directional readers and exceptional ergonomics...all from Hart Systems...and we are the only inventory services provider delivering this technology today! 

  • Imaging reader technology significantly improves scanning accuracy and reduces read time for every scan as compared to older laser technology. Results from Hart client inventories validate scanning productivity gains in excess of 50%
  • Exceptionally flexible omni-directional reading technology means that the scanner no longer needs a direct line of sight while scanning - great for hard to reach hanging tags
  • Wi-Fi technology entirely negates the need to "cradle" the scanning device- scanning associates will not have to walk and wait for the uploading process
  • Continuously updated web-based portal provides true real-time inventory process status enterprise wide — accessible from your desktop, tablet or smart phone anywhere/anytime
  • A scanning device that weighs in at less than 9 ounces — your associates will truly appreciate the ergonomics
  • Fully compatible with 1D, 2D and even GS1 bar code symbologies