Industry Leading 24/7 Client Support and Quality Assurance Programs

Our clients succeed at self-managed inventory management due in part to the excellent support infrastructure Hart provides each and every retail store during every scheduled inventory.  Our Help Desk is staffed entirely with highly trained in-house company employees located at our corporate facility in New York - this function is simply too important to leave to chance.  Results from a client's recent Satisfaction Survey placed our Satisfaction rating at 97% - nearly unheard of in the services industry!    


  • Hart's Quality Assurance programs are based entirely on ISO-9000 principles, procedures and standards.
  • Every technology component goes through an extensive QA process each time it enters or leaves our facility.
  • 24/7 in-house Hart Help Desk - fully trained on each client's specific inventory application, services and equipment.
  • We can provide multi-lingual support as well - French Canadian, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese as well as others upon request.
  • Leading-edge knowledge-tree call center software ensures the quickest and most accurate responses.