Greater Inventory Accuracy

Our clients consistently tell us how moving to Hart’s self-inventory model - supported by our world-class Help Desk, training deliverables and best-in-class scanning technology - has resulted in substantial accuracy improvements in their retail inventories.  As a result merchandise replenishment and shrink management decisions are made with confidence using real-time inventory visibility via Hart’s web based dashboards.

Without question a third party counting service cannot be expected to know your store’s merchandise, stocking practices or desired auditing procedures as well as your trained associates. 

By allowing your supervised associates the ability to actually conduct the inventory utilizing Hart’s self-inventory solution – accuracy improves along with ownership and accountability! 

  • Hart’s imaging technology produces a greater than 99% first-time read rate – far superior to prior generation scanning devices.
  • Hart’s inventory management application software incorporates rigorous scan validation routines – designed to make even the once-a-year user highly effective
  • Your procedures and controls are enforced by Hart’s application software – not dependent upon a third party counting service to follow your instructions


Contact us today for further information and gain an even better understanding of how Hart’s self managed inventory model could be the answer as you seek improved inventory accuracy.