As a merchandising professional making certain all stores realize their optimal in-stock position is crucial to ensuring minimal lost sales.  Making purchasing and replenishment decisions based upon highly reliable and accurate inventory data is paramount to your success. 

By using Hart’s web based dashboards you will have real-time access to item, department and store level inventory information while the inventory is actually occurring – allowing you a snapshot of in-stock positions as current as the last scan.   

Hart’s clients benefit from much improved inventory accuracy levels which in turn help them make better, timelier replenishment decisions. 

  • Unlike using a third party counting service – your inventory managers, store management and associates know your merchandise and store practices better than anyone and they have a vested interest in the results.
  • As a merchandising manager you may elect to implement Cycle Counting as a method of gaining frequent inventory snapshots of fast moving, seasonal or higher value merchandise - Hart’s solution offers a robust Cycle Counting application designed to provide real-time on-hand visibility of targeted merchandise.


Contact Hart today to learn more about how our physical inventory management solutions can provide highly accurate SKU and store level merchandise information – enabling improved buying decisions!