Loss Prevention Professional


Protecting your company’s inventory assets and ensuring the highest level of inventory integrity is of great importance to all loss prevention professionals.  Hart’s self-inventory management solution enables loss prevention professionals to maximize their organization’s execution and cost effectively accomplish its assigned objectives. 

No other physical inventory management solution available today delivers on this commitment:

  • Virtual oversight and visibility of the entire physical inventory management process while it is occurring – every store and every scan is accessible.
  • Rigorous auditing procedures – all of which are software enforced – ensuring your corporate auditing standards and goals are achieved.
  • Greater control of the entire process – eliminating reliance on a third party who is perhaps less vested in the results than you or your team.
  • Cycle Counting solutions - in conjunction with your full store inventory schedule - allow you to target high-shrink categories and markets and provide greater inventory integrity for replenishment.
  • Imaging based scanning technology with a first time read rate greater than 99% - ensures scan accuracy rates well above those of third party counting services.
  • Dashboards provide immediate insight into physical inventory process performance metrics on an exception basis – while the inventory is underway.


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