More Actionable Information

Timely accurate information enables better decision making throughout your organization.  Actionable information regarding inventory status helps your merchants make sound purchasing and replenishment decisions, your inventory managers make better product distribution decisions and your accounting & finance team gain a greater understanding of your company’s largest asset – its inventory. 

Hart’s solution makes available client specific real-time web based business views and dashboards for a variety of functional end users who demand timely and actionable information most often. 

Our dashboards are tailored by client – focusing on each functional user’s unique information needs! 

  • Finance and Inventory Accounting – visibility to inventory variance information and corrections while the inventory is occurring.
  • Store Operations – real-time inventory scanning productivity analysis by store and employee enables your managers to optimize store labor.
  • Merchandising – immediate access to item and category level on-hand merchandise status by store.
  • Loss Prevention – store and item level variance information needed to assess shrink status proactively. 


Contact us to learn how Hart can tailor real-time information delivery best to meet the needs of your demanding users!