Rigorous Auditing Procedures


As an inventory management or accounting professional you have most likely developed and implemented auditing procedures appropriate for your line of business.  Rest assured that as you transition to Hart’s physical inventory management solution all of your existing auditing procedures will remain intact. 

Our application software incorporates several industry best-practices and GAAP supported auditing routines all of which are soft-coded allowing us to adjust audit tolerances and thresholds as necessary to align with your established goals.  A few of the auditing routines immediately available include:

  • Random piece counts of 0% to 100%.
  • Count accuracy verification checks triggered at the item level.
  • Pre-defined audit thresholds and routines selected by shrink history, merchandise value or other variables assigned by you corporately.
  • All auditing procedures are enforced by Hart’s application software – ensuring compliance execution integrity.  

Contact us today to gain a greater understanding of the "best practice" auditing routines Hart's solutions provide!