Store Operations Professional


You have confidently developed a store operations team highly capable of delivering results and whose commitment to execution is second to none.  Why take a backseat during inventory season allowing a third party counting service to dismember your stores and leave behind a questionable inventory valuation you then have to live with? 

Hart’s self-inventory management solution allows you to take control of the process and become confidently accountable for the results.  Inherent benefits of our solution include:

  • Inventory scheduling flexibility – entirely controlled by your team making you no longer dependent on a third party counting service arriving on time and with the correct number of counters.
  • Complete each store inventory in 25% to 50% less time – allowing you to save labor expenses and return your stores to “customer ready” condition faster.
  • Training programs created in a variety of formats designed to align with your corportae and in-store learning culture.
  • 24/7 world class Help Desk – always available to answer questions and help your stores execute – always.
  • Best in class scanning technology truly designed with the store associate in mind:
    • Weighs less than 9 ounces.
    • Multi-directional reading head flexibly reads barcodes from various orientations – no longer require a direct line of sight.
    • A Windows CE based device – anyone who uses a cell phone will find using our scanning devices very intuitive.
    • No fault application software – the system will not allow you to move beyond a mistake.
    • Wireless – no cradling or manual uploading involved. 


Contact us today to learn more about how Hart’s inventory management solutions are designed to help store operations perform physical inventories easily and with confidence!