Why Self-Managed Inventory?

Compared with hiring a third party counting service, Hart/Zebra clients consistently confirm there are several inherent benefits to performing a self-managed inventory, including:

  • Increased ACCURACY
  • Greater CONTROL
  • Scheduling FLEXIBILITY

And when you partner with Hart Systems, the premier provider of self-managed inventory solutions, you can also expect to realize:

  • Significant SAVINGS

Hart's industry-leading wireless imaging scanning solutions enable our clients to realize substantial improvements in labor productivity resulting in total-cost-to-manage savings of 25% to 50% as compared to using a third party counting service.



Greater Accuracy

Hart's clients all agree that using their own associates along with our client specific inventory management scanning solutions results in greater accuracy than using a third party counting service.

Your staff, your team, your people — they know your merchandise better than an outside counting service:

  • They will more easily spot incorrectly ticketed merchandise
  • They know the difference between similar-looking items
  • They are concerned about doing it right
  • They will leave the store and merchandise in better condition



Software-Enforced Controls:

Hart's self-managed inventory solutions incorporate a number of industry best practices and can be customized to incorporate each retailer's unique auditing, accounting and operational needs and requirements.

Advanced error-avoidance and audit routine options found in Hart's inventory management application software are well defined and can be tailored for each client to address a variety of specific business concerns.  These user-defined controls and procedures are enforced by the software — they are not dependent upon people (either outside counting services, or even your own people) following your written or verbal instructions correctly. The scanner will simply not allow a required control or procedure to be bypassed, and the inventory cannot be completed until all necessary requirements have been satisfied.



Whether your company presently outsources physical inventory management to a third party counting service or conducts physical inventories manually itself today – we are confident that Hart’s self-inventory solution will deliver a highly cost effective result.  Our clients realize 25% to 50% total financial savings after transitioning to Hart’s model from third party counting services.  And here is how they do it!

  • Hart’s imaging based wireless mobile scanning solution is designed to optimize our client’s allocated labor expense.  Driving greater scan productivity through leading edge technology and intuitively developed software is what Hart’s offering is all about! 
  • Our total solution has shortened the duration of Hart’s clients’ inventories by 25% and many of our clients are realizing more than a 50% reduction in required scan hours as compared to prior generation laser scanning technology and software. 
  • No longer will you spend costly countless hours reconciling errors or making corrections.  Hart’s solution provides our clients the ability to perform reconciliation functions while the inventory is underway – the result of our web based dashboards delivering store and item level inventory process detail in real-time. 


Contact us today for a detailed Cost Benefit Analysis!  


Control of the Process

Hart Systems designs customized inventory systems to incorporate your unique needs and requirements. For example, a retailer may require inventory counters to scan each and every bar code (no keyed quantities allowed), or to audit a specific percentage of the store, or to specify the unit of measurement for specific merchandise, etc.

In addition, Hart's powerful, real-time On-Demand™ web-based reporting package gives you and your field managers the ability to monitor all inventories while they are in progress — from any computer or mobile device. You can view high-level information (such as % complete) down to the details on any individual fixture in any store... and all in real-time! This is a very powerful management tool, enabling your best people to be involved in managing many inventories at once.


Scheduling Flexibility

With Hart, you'll enjoy the ability to schedule your inventories when it's convenient for you —freeing you from being reliant on resource availability of a thrid party counting service.

For example, begin in the stock room the night before... adjust variances the following day... change your schedule on the fly to meet business needs, etc...

Hart's solution delivers all of the necessary scanning equipment and technology, you are not constrained by the "people issues" that may arise when using third party counting services.

The equipment arrives at the store at least a day before the actual inventory — and we can usually ship equipment for a last-minute inventory within four hours.

Schedule changes and surprise or emergency inventories are easily accommodated.


Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Hart Systems' applications and processes are evaluated and reviewed annually by an accredited CPA firm — receiving SAS 70 Type II certification every year.

Nearly all of Hart's retail clients are public companies and use one of the Big 4 public accounting firms - Deloitte & Touche, Ernst & Young, KPMG, or Price Waterhouse Coopers. Each firm has reviewed and approved Hart's self-managed inventory solutions.  

Please contact us to learn more about how Hart's solutions & services enable the most accurate and cost effective physical inventory management program available!